You are invited to nominate a place, business, experience, or person to Tobago’s Blue Map to feature a list of blue experiences in our interactive platform.

To be nominated as a Blue Experience or Entrepreneur, an individual or organization should be doing at least one of the following:

  • Furthering marine conservation or restoration efforts in Tobago
  • Raising awareness around marine conservation or education
  • Actively engaged in tours or services that rely on the ocean economy (e.g. fishing, scuba diving, kayak tours, etc.)
  • Engaging in or advancing an industry that relies on ocean resources (fisheries, aquaculture, marine renewables, etc.)
  • Nominating on behalf of an experience or place (for instance, a protected area or state-owned nature reserve)

Nominations Process Coming Soon

Does the ocean support your livelihood?

We are looking for local businesses, individuals, organizations, entrepreneurs, or experiences that highlight the vast array of ocean resources that Tobago has to offer. Your work could be featured in an upcoming “Small Island, Big Ocean” Campaign to promote Tobago’s Blue Economy. Nominate yourself or someone else below!

Nomination form coming soon.