The ocean produces oxygen for every second breath we breathe.

From fishing to diving to renewable energy, the ocean is a central powerhouse of sustainable economic development. Tobago represents a shining example of full sustainable use of ocean resources and is the leader of the Caribbean region in blue growth. This site is dedicated to exploring how Tobago’s vast ocean space—12 times the size of its land area—can help propel economic growth and community betterment through sectors such as tourism, shipping, renewable energy, fishing, ocean agriculture, and more.

With the designation of 2021 to 2030 as the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, now is the time to support and enhance the sustainable development of ocean resources to support communities and the ecosystems upon which they depend. Island nations everywhere must begin the shift from characterizing themselves as small land-based economies to large and powerful ocean-based economies. The Blue Economy is essential to capitalizing on this shift, especially for islands like Tobago. The blue economy, at its core, is about the sustainable use of ocean resources to promote economic growth, resilience, and recovery–necessary now more than ever following the challenges arising from the Covid-19 crisis.